The personnel below collaborate on LIBS in general.

Please consult the ChemCam page for specifics on its team.

Los Alamos National Laboratory

Samuel Clegg—LIBS lab manager, ChemCam co-I, Venus SAGE RLS Phase A Lead

Roger Wiens—ChemCam PI

Jeremie Lasue—Post-Doctoral Researcher, Statistics Expertise

David Vaniman—ChemCam Co-investigator

Steve Bender—Optical Engineer

Raymond Newell—Optical Engineer

Steven Storms—Mechanical Engineer

Nick Dallmann—Systems Engineer

Bruce Barraclough—ChemCam Manager



Sylvestre Maurice—ChemCam Deputy PI, IRAP, Toulouse, France

Shiv Sharma—Raman spectroscopy, HIGP, U. Hawaii

Anupam Misra—Raman spectroscopy, HIGP, U. Hawaii

Horton Newsom—ChemCam co-I, UNM, Albuquerque

Nina Lanza—ChemCam student collaborator, UNM Albuquerque

Ann Ollila—ChemCam student collaborator, UNM Albuquerque

M. Darby Dyar—MFRP, Mt. Holyoke College, MA

Noureddine Melekechi—URC, Delaware State University